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Why do people fart infront of others?

I'm saying this as someone who genuinely doesn't get it. Maybe I just don't fart very often ( 3-4 times a day) but I always hear people saying holding it in is so hard, or how they regularly fart around friends and partners. I'm not even saying it had to be embarrassing for you to not do it but if your not doing it for comedic effect what's the point? People even ask how soon they can fart around their partners. Like WHY, why not just look wave the room or use the bathroom like a civilized person. it should be treated similar to peeing or pooping, coming out of the same area with the same smell lol. I don't straight up fart on purpose next to anyone, it's just gross/weird to me and I'd personally prefer to not be farted around
Why do people fart infront of others?
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