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Did I Grow Up in the Midwest or South?

I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI (Midwest) as a kid, but eventually moved the deep south, where my grandparents were born in, when I was 11. I've been down here for 9 long years. Southerners see me as a northerner, while few say after 10 years, you're a southerner. But a lot say if you weren't born here, you're not a southerner. When I go back home to visit, they either say that I still sound like a Michigander while few say that I have a twang or whatever! But mostly those who are adults will say that I don't sound like a southerner. Also, I don't feel like the south is a place where I call home. I feel out of place. Even when I go back home, I kinda feel like I don't belong as much because I moved in my preteen years. But what do you think?
Did I Grow Up in the Midwest or South?
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