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What would you say make a woman immature?

I'm 26 and I feel really immature right now.
I still live at home with parents but looking to move out next year.

I lost both my jobs this year due to covid so have no savings and unable to continue with driving lessons until I get another job.

I only lost my virginity at 24 and i feel really behind sexually as I had only been with one partner for 8 months. Since we broke up over a year ago I have never been with anyone else. Kind of makes me feel like a little kid that I lack sexual experience. Tried dating but not getting anywhere (covid not helping tbh)

I can get over excited and be really moody sometimes which I am seeking therapy for, but i feel like people see me as a daft airhead. My old boss certainly treated me like I was moron and made comments on how I dressed everyday. Regardless of me hitting the targets at work. Seemed like it was never enough to be taken seriously
What would you say make a woman immature?
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