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Is this depression?

When I was 10 I moved to Singapore with my family for my dad's work. we just moved back to the US after 5 years there, and I'm 15 now. I'm still in constant contact with my two best friends, who are both girls, and we talk basically wherever we can.

To summarize, since I've gotten here I've been under a lot of stress and loneliness since there's no school because of corona, and also my parents are going through a messy divorce.

I've done some toxic things without realizing it since I moved, until I realized what I was doing, and my friends and I talked it out. I don't think I'm going to act like that again because I've become more self aware, but it's always been a source of stress.

I've always had anxiety, but now I feel like don't have energy to do anything anymore, even talk to my friends. I don't even feel like I have enough energy to carry a conversation with either of them, and I have a strong urge to isolate myself. I think it might be the early stages of depression? I'm not really sure.

I would go to my friends about this but I've already relied on them so much, and I don't want to put that kind of stress on them.

Wtf is happening to me?
Is this depression?
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