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Treatment in the ER for Covid, are you prepared?

This woman claimed possible racism in treatment in one hospital. She got better care the next time around, but died just recently from covid.
Treatment in the ER for Covid, are you prepared?
I have a good hospital near me and when I recently had COVID, I called the ER and they hauled me in. My staff was all same race. They handled me like clockwork... take blood, take xray, few hours later... you are good to go home!! Immune system is working and lungs weren't too bad, not so bad that I needed oxygen. So they sent me home.

Here's the problem... I had no way to get home. I asked if they could call a cab. They checked, and no cabs were taking people. I live alone, there was noone to take me and I didn't' have even a coat! What friend could I call to expose them to a sick covid person and possibly kill them. The friends I have I could not do that to.

That lead me to the only option available which I cannot state here because it violated the rules. But I had no choice. Suffice it to say, after sitting out in the ER lobby watching the battery on my phone drain as my sick brain tried to come up witha plan to go 3 miles home, with no help, no water, no IV and no meds... I dug up a way to get home. With just a sweat top and pants on and a hat, no coat... and it was cold. After I got home, I had to find a way to get my prescriptions, as I couldn't breathe and had some serious issues. My friends went to pick that up for me.

There was no racism here... but this was my treatment. They did as good as they can, these people are worn out. There might be racism, I don't know. But that is my story and it doesn't sound so good either.

You'd better be prepared if you haul yourself to the ER for Covid. It comes on slow, hits hard, and the ER is a one way ticket in and they don't want to keep you there.
Treatment in the ER for Covid, are you prepared?
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