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How to stop my new kitten from crying all the time?

I got this new kitten, his name is Mickey. He is 8 weeks old. I’ve had them for 3 days now. Mickey cries all night and in the day too. He only stops when he gets to sleep on my lap, tires himself out from crying or when I play with him for a long time. However, even when having a good time like cuddling and playing; he cries. Even when he’s pooping, eating and drinking. He will put the effort in crying while doing those things too. He will cry nonstop with like 10-15 naps in between all night. And his cries have gotten louder and he cries like he’s dying. I keep him in a separate room with all his cat stuff because I’ve tried to have him explore the house today or even my room but he will cry while exploring. His attention would be on my big sliding doors in my room (I have no currents rn) so his attention will be looking outside and crying. There’s nothing wrong with him, I took him to the vet today. I forgot to ask for the vets input on his crying and they’re closed right now until Monday. Mickey has shown more of his personality today, he’s a very playful and sweet kitten. But the cries don’t stop and I’m pretty sure my neighbors can hear it too, I’m worried that they’ll get upset with all this crying. How do I make my kitten stop crying all night?
How to stop my new kitten from crying all the time?
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