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Should I give him my number?

This is kind of lengthy sorry! So recently I went thrift shopping alone and I’ll be honest I tried to avoid the guy at the register because he was really attractive and I was nervous lol! It didn’t work out that way and he ended up helping me anyway, he was super nice and he actually gave me a discount! I didn’t think much of it but some part of the interaction definitely felt flirty. Well like two days later I went thrifting again this time with a friend and of course he was at the register again! I didn’t have anything but my friend did and once again he gave her a discount but he also started talking to me during the transaction like “Hey *you* didn’t find anything?”. I mentioned a jacket but said I put it back and he was like “Go get it!! i’ll give it to you for 50¢” and I was like no it’s okay but I said maybe next time I’ll see if it’s there and he was like “Yea just come and find me then!” . My friend said he was hella flirting with me but I don't know :/ So long story short he was super nice and attractive but I don’t know If I’m reading too far into this!! I don’t want to ask for his number because he’s at work and I don’t want to put him in an uncomfortable situation but I really wanna talk to him. Should I leave him my number? Is it too early to go back on Monday? Should I forget about it? Help!!!
Should I give him my number?
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