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Am I overthinking about the situation?

My folks have been separated for 7 years now and i stay with dad and only recently i came to know he is bisexual which i am totally fine with and we even discussed about it. I also came to know about a partner of his and i met him and i know the guy as well. He is a colleague from work who often comes to our house. Recently he spent a few days with us anf in that he expressed that he really was into me and stuff. And he was honeat about everything and he even told dad that he found me very attractive but he just spoke his mind and won't cause any trouble and he hasn't. Its very normal but should i keep my distance from him or i am overthinking about it as he is dad's partner. We watched tv and moviea together and even went out for movies and stayed late talking and all as he is very friendly and sincere and we are good friends thougg he is just 6 years younger than dad. But after he told me and dad about how he felt about me i distanced a bit from him till last night when i again watched a movie with him like before.. Am i overthinking and all?
Am I overthinking about the situation?
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