I’m unhappy with my life, what do I do?

I only have like 2 friends, rarely see them cause they’re busy. Currently talking to my ex boyfriend, and by talking to I mean having sex with, hanging out with everyday, and acting like we’re together but he won’t commit to me cause he doesn’t want anything serious. Great. I’m 24, still in college, have no motivation to do anything. No motivation to work out. Eat like crap, fast food only. Only have a couple thousand dollars. Love my family but can’t confide in them and rarely see them. Not happy with my looks even though most would call me pretty. Hate my body, im too skinny. Have no idea what I’m going to do with my life, never had any real work experience except with fast food. I feel like a failure. I sleep in every day cause I hate waking up. Miss my classes cause I don’t have motivation to go. Never hang out with anyone other than my ex. I have no hobbies other than tv. I feel so alone, no one understands and I can’t confide in anyone. I’m just so unhappy. What can I do to give my life purpose? How can I get motivated to be my best self?
I’m unhappy with my life, what do I do?
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