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At what point is burning down the bridge acceptable?

My mother is a hell of a woman. She’s been on drugs since before I was born including crack, heroin, and the drugs she insisted I needed growing up. She can’t hold a job many times because of stealing and aside from keeping me alive with a roof and food I’m not sure has contributed anything to me growing up into a man.

This woman has chosen to miss holidays with family, refused to stop with drugs even when told if she didn’t she wouldn’t see her granddaughter, and told her kids she was dying and we needed to visit her... she wasn’t dying by the way. Well she’s dying again and she said she deserves to have her sons visit her and she don’t wanna hear how I’m busy with work or her other son don’t wanna talk with her.

Well I burnt that bridge using jet fuel as an accelerant and a 9/11 style plane as the starter. That bridge burnt with such ferocity the Japanese suddenly got ptsd remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki... Some people told me I was cruel and should respect my mother. No doubt I was a heartless bastard but I’m tired of her asking for money. I’m tired of her nagging me. And I’m very tired of her lying to me. She’s a lier, a druggie, an alcoholic, a lesbian, a prostitute, that uses people until they cut her off...

So back to me question... when is it acceptable to burn that fucking bridge down?
At what point is burning down the bridge acceptable?
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