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My manager is mad at me?

I think my manger is mad at me. I work in a restaurant as a hostess I've been working here 3 months now and there used to be other hostess but some quit and some moved to carryout. My restaurant has 5 mangers. When I started in February I told the second manager that I will be starting school on the end of April so I won't be able to come in everyday, so he said "okay that's fine I have time to find another hostess until then" so I thought everything was good. When I started I asked to work sundays too because I wanted more hours. Fast forward to now, I start school in couple weeks so I spoke to the other manager again to remind him that i won't be able to come to work full time like i used to because of school and he said "oh I didn't know it was coming that fast" so this week yesterday I spoke to my main manger and told him that in couple weeks I'm starting school and that I can only work 2 days now. I also asked him if I can have the next 2 sundays off since I'm getting prepared for school and he said "okay we can figure someone to come in on Sunday" then when I told him that I won't be able to come in no more then 2 days he looked at me and said "okay I think we can figure something out" then a customer came to the door and we didn't have a chance to talk. Then I saw him past by he hold the door for me I said thank you and he didn't say anything back. So today this morning I saw him he always greets me saying good morning but today we walked past each other and he just ignored me. Did I do something wrong? Is this my fault? I feel really bad.
My manager is mad at me?
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