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Drivers license advice?

Hi all, so here is the dilemma.
i’m from the UK. I got my theory September 2019 and started taking driving lessons. Then stopped in 2020 due to covid. Then started again for a little before things shut down again for covid.
my problem is, my theory runs out this September. I am learning manual but it can be hard for me to shift gears quickly. Usually that isn't a problem as I was in no rush before but with my theory ending and unfortunate circumstances at home, i am thinking about changing to automatic for now so i can get my license quick. Because a car is essential for us right now (its just my mum and me) and we usually have to rely on the help of other people for things - having a car, especially for my mother will be very helpful. I am planning on getting automatic now and upgrading to manual in the future.
Does anyone think this is a bad idea or?
Drivers license advice?
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