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Was I wrong to be triggered by a pint of milk?

I was walking around my local supermarket when it hit me just how much milk was on sale. There was an entire aisle dedicated to milk offering several brands and types from full fat to skimmed. Plus other aisles packed with milk based products like cheese, cream, yogurt etc.

Many members of the BAME community are lactose intolerant yet supermarkets dedicate a disproportionate amount of shelf space to products that could kill them.

The fact that milk is WHITE wasn't lost on me. The colour white has long been associated with purity and goodness making milk an easy sale and further pushing the white is right agenda. Would supermarkets stock milk if it was black? Would you have even tried it? Milk is racist.

A friend says I'm over reacting but if black lives matter should we be shoving this racist shit in their faces every time they go into a supermarket?

I'm not saying ban milk, just perhaps put it in a more discrete location in the shop with perhaps a warning sign or something.
Was I wrong to be triggered by a pint of milk?
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