Do you ever feel like nothing you do is enough?

So I've been thinking a lot about my past ( I don't know exactly why...)

Well anyways in 6th and 7th grade I befriended some of the "popular girls " in school. They seemed like some of the best people. They always seemed happy and like nothing wrong happened to them. I wanted that too so I figured being friends with them was a one way ticket to that.
A little bit after befriending them they started pointing out a few things that they saw as "flaws " and said I should try to fix them.
I use to wear my hair out because I loved my curls. They thought that my hair looked too puffy and looked much like a mop. So... I constantly straightened my hair to fit in with them.
Once they couldn't talk about my hair anymore they kept calling me chubby and said I should lose weight. Of course... to fit in with them I tried to lose weight. I began eating less and skipping out on meals here and there. Still they kept saying " your chubby " ... so I kept going. Eventually my teacher saw what I was doing and told my mom. I lost around 23 pounds in one month. I came to realize that I could lose all the weight in the world and my hair could be as straight as can be and they still would view me as the chubby girl with mop like hair.
I'm still a little insecure about it but I'm definitely working on loving me for me Lol
Do you ever feel like nothing you do is enough?
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