Are you happy? How are you feeling right now?

I don't think I've ever been as unhappy as I am right now.
I'm finishing the course of my dreams with no friends and severed relationships with my tutors.
My mum and I can't seem to get on.
All my other friends are non existent and I no longer talk to my extended family.
I'm struggling to keep my job not because I can't work or I'm not doing my job or something but because from day one they've just been so nasty to me.
I only stayed because my employer was a family friend but now it's a big mess. I'm having such a hard time finding something else.
I broke up with my girlfriend and I've put on so much weight I can't find a reason to improve. I just feel so meh!

I've usually pulled myself out of this crap before but as you can read this is rock bottom!
Are you happy? How are you feeling right now?
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