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What is the better option?

I need some 3rd party clarity - preferably from people who know about the home buying process. And this may be long, so apologies.

My husband and I just moved across the country back to our hometown because my husband got a job. We're currently staying with his parents.

When she heard we were moving back, my MIL's friend reached out and said she would be moving in October/November and would potentially do a direct sale of her house to us for $340,000.00.

340 is within our price range and we're a little intimidated by the house-buying process as we're first time home buyers.

Only thing is... we toured the house a couple days ago and... we don't love it. We love a lot of the concepts it was going for, but every room in the house feels like 3 square feet too small if that makes sense. Like the proportions are off. Does that make sense? And the backyard leaves much to be desired. The lot is 0.24 acres and we were wanting a little more land.

I understand this would be a first house and not a forever house but... does that mean we should buy it?

Also, as we were touring it, the owner said that she'd actually like 380,000 - 400,000 for it and that she was actually planning to move in January. Now, I love my in-laws and am very grateful for their generosity in letting us stay with them, but January is a long time away.

My in-laws are really pushing us to buy it because "it's a good deal" even at 400K and we could afford 400K but... we don't love the house.

Alternatively... there's 4.25 acres for sale near my parents' house, but that would require building and that's a whole other set of questions.

Or we could find somewhere to rent.

I realize there are other houses, but I'm feeling the pressure to get out of my in-law's house and with the market how it is... also again, we're intimidated by the whole making an offer for 60K more than asking site unseen situation that seems to be happening right now.

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The house in question was built in 2017. It is very modern and has all the design aspects we like, but it just feels small. The exterior gives the impression that it's quite large inside but it doesn't feel that way once you enter.
What is the better option?
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