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When you think of “normal” what comes to mind?

Perspective is reality, with that being said people from all walks of life have differing views of what is “normal”. When I was active in my addiction it was “normal” to not trust people, to be paranoid, and not know where I would be from day to the next…chaos was “normal”. Now I lead a more mundane life I can pretty much tell you what my life will look like from one week to the next.
Age definitely is a factor in a person’s view on “normal”, life experience changes perspective for sure. A young adult might think they know everything and a person on their deathbed could easily admit how little they actually knew as they were facing life.
I imagine culture plays a big part in one’s concept of “normal” (for someone raised in an extremist group, “normal” might be suicide bombings and beheadings)…what is your “normal” and has “normal” evolved (or devolved) over the years?
When you think of “normal” what comes to mind?
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