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If I never get promoted in anything in life is there something wrong with me?

I've noticed this happening in all aspects of my life:
- Friendships: It never progresses beyond acquaintace level. They hardly (even my cousins act like that too) invite me to any social events. Yet, they sure post on their FB about who their best friends are and they were indeed on a party. They lied about being busy or having a medical appt. This has happened ever since my childhood. I've always wanted a best friend I could trust and spent time with. Plus they rarely call me. I have to do most of the callings.

- Workplace: I've been working as a front desk clerk at a hotel for 7 years already and still haven't gotten promoted as they promised when I started. They promised that within a year depending on the performance, you can grow. My performance is great and I get praised a lot... too much praise and no promotion. Meanwhile they promoted someone as supervisor in just 8 months. She was doing my same position.

- Relationship: I had to break up recently because it's been already 5 years, we're getting older and he was still clueless if he wanted kids, form a family. He kept postponing things, making excuses, claiming things are great like this. No they weren't to me. I felt incomplete, insulted and incomplete being another one of those ''forever girlfriend''. By the way, it was my house he was living in (I helped him with home bills, including his mother's lung surgery medical bill) I kicked him out after breaking up.

Is there something wrong with me? Why can't I progress in life? Why do I get stuck in dead-ends in everything?
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With the workplace well at least it's paying me but I feel exactly like I did in my dead-end relationship, as if I'm wasting time too.
If I never get promoted in anything in life is there something wrong with me?
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