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Have you ever heard a bunny growl?

Have you ever seen or heard an angry bunny? Bunnies for the most part are the cutest little things but boy can they get temperamental. My rabbit Brooklyn is a sweet little thing he's playful lovable but if you ever have to put him up for the night you are going to hear him protest. It took me some time to get him locked up in the cage cuz he kept growling grabbing the cage with his teeth and rattling it until the cage top fell over. With some struggle I put the cage top back but he kept growling and pounding at the door with his front paws. Finally when I managed to lock him in he started stomping growling and tossing his things around.
It's quite a funny sight. he's a good boy even when he's growing. he's never bitten me or scratched me. when he gets mad it's all for show.
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25 d
TGI Friday!
Figured the Vid would bring a smile to your day! 😊
Have you ever heard a bunny growl?
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