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Penalty for this?

So today as I was pulling out a busier area (which required a traffic cop at select hours). I was pulling out as he was motioning my area of traffic forward, as I was turning (and at this point I was already in the road) he yelled at me to stop. His hand was still directing the other side of the road to stop, and he didn’t tell my area of traffic to stop till I was already in the middle of the road. I still went, as I was already in the road to the point I would be in the way of the other traffic and the other side of the traffic wasn’t moving yet as they were still directed to stop. In my eyes, I did nothing wrong, he didn’t notify me to stop with his hands or voice till after I pulled out and since I didn’t want to be in the way and that the other side of traffic was still stopped, I proceeded to go.

I don’t mean in any way to ignore him, and if he told me to stop before I clearly was turned into the road I would of stopped per his request. I don’t understand what exactly I did wrong here? Could I get penalized?
Penalty for this?
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