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I wrote something guys give honest feedback?

There's something about the calmness of beaches that rejuvenates me spiritually.
There's something so incredible about the rumbling crashing waves that makes me realize the liberty, the freedom I seek.
It feels like paradise.
It feels transcendental.
It feels like the universe is directing me towards the path, I am meant to be on.
It feels I am no longer worried about the things which had happened in the past.
It is providing me a hope that things can never be the same. It can change in a flicker, giving us either a good or a bad lesson for a lifetime.
One can never know what's in the future, but one can always hope for a better one.
The serenity soothes my soul and fathoms the depth of my heart without me being vulnerable about it.
It makes me want to be me; it makes me feel grateful for what I have.
It makes me feel self-assured.
It makes me love myself a little more.
It makes me want to embrace my individuality.
After all, isn't it lovely to get lost in one's world once and for all?
Isn't it lovely to crave solitude over chaos?
Isn't it okay to stand out from the crowd, and choose the road less taken?
Isn't it okay to be ready for what the future has in store for you without letting go of the happiness at the moment?
To live a little more?
To relax a little more?
To fall in love, experience, and experiment a little more?
To become enraptured by life with each passing day, just a little more.
I wrote something guys give honest feedback?
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