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Is it weird to be two things at once?

Many know me as a reserved girl with some old-fashioned values; one of them being staying a virgin until an important day. A couple people have described me as the feminine type that's lacking these days.

Yet this is my hidden rough side:
A couple years ago, one groper (he lifted my skirt and touched my private areas) got flipped on the ground. That's the only single time I've ever used physical force.
If anyone attacks me or sexual assaults, all of the sudden I go from feminine to fighter. I really don't want to hurt anyone though and hopefully something like this never happens again.

Honestly, I don't dedicate too much time on my rough side. I keep a low profile on this and will only use it if it's really needed. I like baking, cooking, dancing and drawing mainly.
Is it weird to be two things at once?
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