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I had a dream that someone was in my backyard looking at me through my window and pointed a gun at me?

This was one of the most realistic and freaky dreams I've ever had.

I was still living at my parents' house and it was nighttime, and I walked into my bedroom to get ready for bed. I noticed our motion detector light on and looked outside of the window to investigate, to find that there was a man and a small red pickup parked at our back gate next to our shed (which I figured he was trying to break into). He looked at me with pure hatred and pointed a gun at me. I could feel my face form into a look of horror and dropped to the ground, expecting him to shoot, and crawled out of my bedroom, yelling for my parents. Once I got to the living room where they were watching TV, I told them what was going on and was afraid that my dad, who is very protective of his family, would try to confront the guy, so I begged him not to. He instead very calmly said "I'm not, we've already called the police and they said there's nothing they could do. Just don't look out the window". That is very out of character for him in real life, and I remember feeling helpless and unsafe in my own home, and crawling back into my room to retrieve my phone to give 911 another call. I realized my phone was on top of my dresser, and contemplated quickly grabbing it, but was afraid the man would see me and shoot me. I was frozen in terror trying to decide what to do, when I woke up.

This one really freaked me out because my dreams are usually jumbled nonsensical mess, but this one made a lot more sense and felt very real. The look on the guy's face was terrifying as well, it looked as if he hated my guts and wanted me dead. The only thoughts I could've possibly had that spurred this dream are that I was nervous to drive on a certain highway not long ago after reports of a gunman shooting at women who were alone in their cars.

Was this just a silly dream, or does it have any meaning behind it?
I had a dream that someone was in my backyard looking at me through my window and pointed a gun at me?
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