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Is this proper tattoo care?

I went with my sister and her girlfriend to get a tattoo when they were having a sale. I already have 6 but i got another in the same spot as hers to make her feel comfortable, she got a little paper plane, her girlfriend got a flower and mine is not really important. Afterwards they all gave us different care instructions they told my sister to keep the wrap on for 2-3 days its a little paper plane like the size of you thumb and palm pad connecting to the thumb, then her girlfriend is the size of a whole hand they told her to keep her wrap on for 5 days and they told me 2 hours mine is the size of a hand as well, so me having previous tattoos i never heard of those instructions for such small tattoos even big tattoos. I have heard if they are big enough you would leave the film on for 24 hours or 2 days. My instructions were always 2-3 hours with the wrap and then clean with mild soap and aquaphor like 4-6 times a day and if you sweat bad, more. So i was trying to tell her that but she didn't listen to me, telling me about how the blood absorbs into the film? I was like what? I'm pretty sure you can still get an infection, I don't know this isn't a method I've tried, I've never heard of it. It was a HUGE red flag that they told us all different things, but my sister is 18 and I'm 24, she always like to act like the older and smarter one so she will deny anything i tell her until its too late.
Is this proper tattoo care?
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