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Can anyone help me I want to cry! My owner is spying on me?

I feel horrible. I live in a studio but I got lied to it’s not studio it’s bedroom in someone’s house. I have one year & half Living here & owner since day one has been spying on me. She asks me million questions of whoever visits what I do etc. she does nothing all day she’s on phone gossiping. She is fake. She now moved her bedroom upstairs in front of mine with door open to watch me!! Who the fuck leaves door open!!! No one!! She does that to spy on me so now I can’t use bathroom I can’t eat fold open fridge!! My lease ends March 4th but I plan tell her December if I can have January be last month instead of February. I’m fucking tired!!! Now I’ll need pee at the store next two months 😓she spys on me wen I take out the trash too she is all day outside only wen I have visitor or if I’m outside a lot leaving & arriving what a coindcidence. Now as she knows my boyfriend comes visit she moved her bedroom upstairs!!! What the fuck!! Wen my mom or dad would visit every once in while she would be on purpose outside her home or by my studio sitting talking on phone to watch me!! 😓😓😓😓I want cry
Can anyone help me I want to cry! My owner is spying on me?
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