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Am I being manipulated?

I'm kind of a pushover and I let people take advantage of me. I don't know why I can't just block them or tell them to leave me alone.

For example, awhile ago I met this guy in class. We start texting and he asks if we can switch over ig bc his service sucks. We talk some more and he says his friend wants to talk to me. So his friend starts dming me. It starts out pretty normal. He asks me if he can ask me some questions to see if he can trust me. I say sure and he asks if I have any boundaries. As long as it isn't sexual I don't mind I replied. Literally every question after that was sexual. I tried to change the subject, he kept pushing so I blocked him.

Another one of my classmate's friends starts dming me. She seemed nice at first but she kept asking me weird questions. After awhile she started sending me inappropriate pictures. I wanted to tell her to stop but for reason I felt like I couldn't. So I just replied sure or I dunno to everything. She goes from talking about what she wants to do to me to talking about how I should steal a kiss from my classmate cause he likes me. I'm confused and I feel like I'm being manipulated but for some reason I can't stop.

I'm afraid they'll spread rumors about me at school bc I accidentally told them some really personal things. Sorry ik that was long. there's a lot more details but I don't wanna make the post any longer than I have to
Am I being manipulated?
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