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Do you trust doctors?

  • 1/3 medical interventions are placebos..."Drink lots of water" and reaction testing
  • They promote vaccines, medications etc but won't tell you to lose weight and exercise
  • Statins for example reduce heart attacks by 1% from 3%... they say they reduce the risk of a heart attack by 33% with math games
When I was at university i majored in biology... not because I actually wanted to fill my head up with useless information... I was just pissed off at how doctors had treated me when I went to see them as a 13-15 year old boy. I had lost coordination in my movement, my speech started to slur, I had hypertension, I couldn't sleep without my head feeling like it was being crushed by gravity, etc All problems I had never had before. Probably caused by puberty/growth. Growing pains aren't normal. But I had them and they were extreme. They ran a bunch of tests on me just to say "You're ok. Don't worry." I saw 4 or 5 different doctors and they all said the same thing. The closest any of them got to actually fixing any of my health issues was advice to drink some milk. She was on the right track. I guess. If you aren't smart enough to fix your own issues, you'll suffer forever. There aren't many saviors in this world, you're always alone. By the time I was 16 I was completely and utterly depressed. My grandmother noticed something was off with me but all she did is laugh at me literally just like a school girl would laugh. But it's ok. The unfortunate consequence of being a bad ass is that you usually have to have had bad parents.
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Right now there are millions of children in africa starving. Millions more than usual because of covid lockdowns and economic crisis. Children are starving so badly their moms have given up on them just like my grandmother did to me, they're probably being laughed at, it's the only way the parents can maintain their own sanity. They probably aren't even giving them the tiniest slice of bread to eat. They're being starved to skin and bones, quite pragmatically
Do you trust doctors?
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