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Noisy down stairs neighbor, is it time to move?

Now I’ve dealt with neighbors who might have rowdy loyd company or who are being loud themselves. But that wasn’t often they would do that. I understand staying in an apartment, you’re going to have noise.

But I literally can’t stand that my neighbor playing loud music EVERYDAY, 3-5 times a day , as early as 7ish am and as late as 12ish am. I’ve said something to her. I’ve complained to my landlord. The curtesy office said it’s something the landlord has to deal with. Nothing happens. I’ll even try to turn my tv up to drown her out but she’ll just turn her music up louder. Hell, there’s been times she had waken me up in the middle of the night , banging on the walls.

I’m trying to not get stressed , because I’m 33 weeks pregnant, high risk with preeclampsia and on partial bed rest. I’ve already been in and out the hospital 3 times already.
Noisy down stairs neighbor, is it time to move?
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