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Has the loss of a loved one changed your life?

This has been a tragic year for me , 5 months ago my oldest brother passed away and 2 weeks ago I lost my Mom. I know everyone grieves in their own way and I have witnessed people grieve in ways that were far beyond , my ex for starters was probably the craziest I ever witnessed, But Losing my Mom hit me like no other , I didn’t act like my ex did but damn it is crazy and the crazy thing is , before my mom passed , I didn’t think it was going to hit me like it did. So I can honestly say I don’t wish this upon anyone , trying to move forward hasn’t been easy for me , I am hit with waves of emotions , but I am doing my best to keep my head straight best I can , keeping myself busy and keeping my mind off of things has been helping me for the most part , well at least I think it does , but it doesn’t go away, I started making changes in myself to help as well , I stopped drinking beer on the weekends which is a shock to myself cuz I always loved drinking beer but now I have no desire for it anymore , life has been throwing me constant curve balls to the point I am lost and don’t really know what to do anymore , to the point I don’t really care about anything , There are days that I feel better then others but goes back and fourth , Anyone else go through these waves and changed your life?
Has the loss of a loved one changed your life?
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