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He never contacts on weekends. Now what's next?

Hey, dear all. Here I have got myself in this nasty situation and hope you can share some of your thoughts on this with me. Your opinion and advice is really appreciated

This guy is my ex with whom I broke up 3 years ago. After my most recent breakup, he asked whether I want to give the relationship a second chance. I agreed. For these years, we kept in contact and he did occasionally express that he missed me and wanted to re-union.

I think he is seriously interested. He offers to help me with the large sum of money I needed for my grad study abroad again and again as I was reluctant to accept and he offers to do international travel to see me to "keep the LDR going". Then here comes the confusion:

(*we now don't live in the same country either)

He contacts me during working hours on weekdays, sometimes

but not often in the evenings.

He almost never contacts on weekends. Never see him online either. When I got the big news and shared with him per SMS, he only returned the next morning and didn't seem to care until Monday.

He rejected when I said I wanted to visit him and said he would visit me now that he has the visa for this year.However, the plan seem to be aborted and he would see me in the third country where I would go to study in.

When he took a couple weekdays off, he did contact me when he had a chance. however, disappeared again during weekends.

What I want to do now is to confront him with this, as I suspect "there is something else in the picture". Before that, I would truly appreciate your input of thoughts and your suggestions on how should I confront him in a direct but not agressive way.

He never contacts on weekends. Now what's next?
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