Why do bad guys always win?

that some one can mean and verbal abuse and call names and insult some one for no reason make them feel worse then are already ,to be called very hurtful names no reason they started it first not the other person and then block you for almost you 2 years when you are the person did nothing wrong then mess with head blocking and unblocking all year around .then unblock then they have information hidden friends list,photos,interested and hobbies ,basically whole profile page empty to unblock after 2 years when other person did nothing wrong ,

that person he blocked end up counseling over it.

they person who call then names and insults got away with it has even more friends even job ,more girls to like him

while innocent end up counseling with no friends on depression pills over it .in tears every day while the **** lives the innocent suffers

its not fair why cyber bully gets away being mean bastards .and be told you hated make all sorts accusation none were true,to be forced in to saying things to turn around to tell person she is old woman and cougar and how much he hated her because she is old !he hated her never never had any thing to do with some one like me .yet he fine with other female just not the old woman like me he the said the only I liked he hot young stud not true

telling how much he liked other women and hated me how much he liked women in my country that I was the problem .

i was only being nice to him trying cheer him but he started on me 1st being paranoia and weird yet he does do that other female he pick me out and started on me because he did like he chose pick on me ALL BECAUSE HE DID LIKE ME .

its not fair I did nothing wrong yet he does do that to other females just the likes of me .he called old and jerk and cougar made blowing accusation total untrue forced me in to saying things

THIS QUESTION IS IN THE WRONG IT SHOULD BEHAVIOUR SECTION .MOST HERE HAAVE INSULTED ALREADY IT ENOUGH GETTING FROM ONE TO GET REST THE AS WELL YOU WONDER I EVEN BOTHER WITH ALL I HAVE BEEN THROUGH TO BE INSULTED EVEN FURTHER . you males thing gods becasue god gave yee penis well yee not society has made that way not us .so take cruel callous cold vicous comments piss off


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  • Because life is not fair.


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  • To answer your question, bad guys always win because women are idiots. You choose the men you date and obsess about. IF the guy treats you like SHIT and you take it. He is just as much to blame as you are. He might be a jerk, but you are weak and lack the moral, backbone, and principle in your inner self to say F*** YOU I don't take sh*t from bullies, d***heads, and a**holes like you, but instead you let him dominate you and do whatever he feels like rather than taking the simple solution and absolving your self from him. That is why bad guys always win.

    • Even thought I find the use of so much profanity regrettable, I must agree with your point.

    • THIS QUESTION IS WRONG SECTION IT SHOULD BE IN BEHAVIOUR SECTION NONE OF YEE ANSWER ARE RELIVNET TO ME BECAUSE IT IN THE WRONG SECTION OF THE SITE all of yee talking rubbish none of that make sence chose bad guys oh yeah I forget guys were sign they sigh good guy and bad guy I forgot you lads manuals and instruction how wash and dry

      any guy I have meet the no manual

  • Holy bad grammar Batman.

  • Bad guys win because women choose them.

  • You are wasting your life with this negative mindset. Worry only about you and love the world and yourself. Who cares about what other people say or do. Do you and do you well. You will be an old woman one day and then look back and wonder why you wasted all this time with the hate and bad decisions. Move on and get out of that place in your head. Move out of the past. Do new things. Smile more and meet new people. Learn from your past and do not dwell in it. I hope you see what I am saying.

  • hes "won" because youve allowed him to do so. be your own person, don't let men run your life.


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