Why do we think illegal downloading is okay?

I try to live an honest life and it's always bothered me how prevalent illegal downloading is online. People rationalize it by saying the artist already makes enough money from blah blah blah.. but that's not the point. The point is you're stealing and the only reason you do it is because you know you won't get caught. It's the same exact thing as walking into a store and taking a CD off the rack and bringing it home.

Which opens the gateway to other more sinister questions. Would you take advantage of someone if you knew you wouldn't get caught? Would you steal money if you knew it was untraceable? I think we'd all like to believe we wouldn't do any of this but you've already been challenged with the question of "Would you steal something if you couldn't get caught?" and the answer is Yes even though you'd say No in public because that's what's expected.

I'll admit that I was guilty of illegal downloading in the past but when I asked myself the same questions I'm asking you all, it was a loud wake up call to the kind of person I was becoming and it scared me that I would compromise my morality for the sake of saving a few bucks.

As a side note, I do have sympathy for those that live on very little who feel the need to illegally download. It can get pretty expensive buying music. Right now I maybe download 10 songs a month and I've never gotten tired of my music because the songs I do have I really enjoy and knew it was worth the investment.
Why do we think illegal downloading is okay?
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