How do I prevent myself from liking someone?

I have this weird thing where I can't help but overextend my feelings to someone. If anyone I think is cute gives me the slightest bit of attention I misinterpret their actions as if they might actually feel the same way. The result of this? Disappointment. Over, and over, and over again and I'm just sick of latching onto someone I think has feelings for me and realizing later on that they don't see me that way.

Even when I know, and signs are telling me that no they f***ing don't like you, I still can't help feeling happy and excited when they take a second out of their lives to message me or what not even if it doesn't mean anything.

I don't know how to just keep myself neutral when someone that I might be interested in is talking to me, when I have no problem at all being friends with guys I don't like.

Bonus question:

Also if you know that someone doesn't like you initially, do you back off right away? Or keep talking to them in the hopes that eventually they will?

Because from my experience, its always been either the guy liked me from the first meeting or I liked the guy before I even knew him (or at least thought he was cute), it's never happened where it's a slow roll where you don't like each other at all and somehow, someway, wake up with feelings. Is that even possible? Is it even practical to keep your hopes up waiting for someone?


I'm just sick of disappointment, but I don't know how to objectively look at a guys actions when I'm clouded by the film of my feelings for him


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