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I'm so jealous some people are so social and outgoing and confident. If you are one of these people how did you get to be that way? I'm pretty shy and unsure of myself. I also don't make friends easily does that mean there's something wrong with me?


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  • you have to start out slowly. I think that would be the best thing. do you have a friend who is social and outgoing? hang out with them and be like their side kick for the night, you'll attract more people to you and get the "vibe" they have. then be outgoing amongst people you already know and feel comfortable with. start out making a little small talk or even asking a question to someone you wouldn't normally talk to. u'd be surprised that people are nothing to be afraid of. most people enjoy connecting with someone else and meeting a new person. a lot of people are shy and unsure deep down so why not be that one to help make them feel comfortable too and bridge the gap? there is nothing wrong with u, lots of people are like that.


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  • Geez, "you will at least someday touch the fire to know what burnt means."

    Its easy to be outgoing and confident, you just got to say whatever it is in your mind. And don't think about people getting offended or thinking your weird, because the only person that thinks of that is you yourself.

    Confidence/Leadership courses, especially if you want to be a boss or manager one day, requires you to go chat with random people.

    Either you force yourself to change or adapt, or stay the way you are and watch people go by. No one is gonna hold your hand anymore, we are all grown up.

  • we are all different. Some are social and some arent. I have always been outgoing I didn't do anything special to be that way its just me

  • Says the girl who always declined friend requests and doesn't allow friend requests. Maybe it's time to evaluate why you are that way and fix is. Is it because you think you're better than people? Or you're shy? Or what? It comes off as uptight, uppity and it pushes people away.

    • .___. I don't wanna make online friends, I wanna make friends in real life.

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    • Good luck.

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