Did biden seem disrespectful & unprofessional in the debate?

it seems to be a talking point.

dont be dbags because my dad can beat up both you & your dad =P
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  • I didn't see the whole thing but from what I saw he did seem angry.

    Couple that with his laughing and such his body language was if to say "are you kidding that I have to be up here explaining how I'm better than him?!" Extremely arrogent.


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  • lol no he was fine. And Ryan doesn't deserve an ounce of f***ing respect. That little f***ing hypocritical lying a**hole needs to just die in a fire. He has taken advantage of government services and jobs his whole life and now wants to cut off anyone ELSE'S ability to use it.

    F*** Ryan.

    • wow you're classy

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    • "lol no he was fine" Just because you don't use the term "unprofessional" in your description doesn't mean you though he wasn't.

      You're just another one of those "Obama and/or democrats can do no wrong" people, they could say kill all the Jews and you'd say it was a good idea.

    • And you're a dumb f***. I've done countless bashing of Obama as I do Republicans. They all suck. Are you stupid enough to not realize this?

      But seriously, look at the facts, dipsh*t. FACTS ARE FACTS!11 Paul Ryan is a wormy little twat who only cares about himself and says nothing but lies.

  • Joe Biden has always, been loud and overbearing, and didn't mind who he walked on or was disrespectful to, and although I did not SEE most of it, I did listen on the car radio, and he seemed to be much the same as he always sounds...

  • The moderator was the rude, disrespectful, biased one.

    I'd kick like to "kick her butt"

    • out of true pure honest curiosity could you explain that a little...i was in & out of it

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    • yeah I noticed that she seemed to have more follow up questions for him & seemed to allow biden more freedom to say his whole point & let biden cutoff/interupt ryan frequently

      however the obama-wedding thing is being hyped up more than it should

    • I thought the moderator did a really good job of pressing both men to answer the questions they were asked... not letting them spout off whatever answers they had memorized. That's the entire point of having a moderator, when someone goes off topic, you bring them back. If she hadn't done that, everyone would be complaining about how neither candidate was forced to give a genuine answer... no one ever wins in these scenarios. It's pointless.

  • Yeah I'd like to test that last statement haha, I'm serious though.

  • I would ope you could kick my dad's butt. He would have to be dug up and as for me...doubtful. I think he is always a bit arrogant but Ryan is one of the biggest liars in politics so I would be hard pressed to say anything other than good for Biden.

    • *hope* damn phone

    • thanks for digging up something from nearly 2 weeks ago

    • ? I simply answered a question. Maybe you should not ask questions if answers bother you so badly. It isn't like the question disappears. I saw a friend comment on it with live feed. Get over it

  • I didn't see it. However, I wanted to say kudos to TheGodEmp for cutting down Ryan. Normally I think that GAG user is one of the biggest pricks on this site, today he said something I agree on.

  • yes! interrupting Ryan all the time and just laughing at him...completely unprofessional and disprespectful

  • I didn't watch it so hopefully.

  • well, my mom can kick your dads butt D:... anyway, I didn't get to watch the election watch, what made him seem disrespectful in your opinion?

    • the smirking laughing & attitude he used towards ryan is what people have said and that he cut-off /interupted ryan

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