Guys, what intimidates you?

What about a female intimidates you?


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  • What intimidates me?

    -I've known girls who used to talk about all the great things guys (and girls) have done for her in the past. Suddenly, a relationship with her would be more about 1-upping these guys, instead of getting to know each other on our own terms. So now, it's a red flag.

    -A girl I dated once said that sex with girls was much better than with men, but that she settled for me. (She used things like this to manipulate me into guilt or feeling like I owe her something.) major red flag.

    -When guys get uptight about a girl's sexual history, it's often because of intimidation. He feels relationship has become more of a competition than a bond when he has to compare to her exes. I hear most girls don't feel that way at all, that each man is a unique experience on their own terms. But a lot of guys feel like they become "expendable commodities" to her when he hears of her past experiences.

    -Rich and successful girls are indeed intimidating often times. Feminists will tell you this is because men are afraid of not being providers or not having total power. Total Bullsh*t. Don't listen to that garbage.

    I'm usually intimidated by successful girls by default because I know the vast majority of girls, no matter how rich or successful they are, still try to "marry up". Millionaire women are single more often than millionaire men, because women are still trying to find some sort of provider or breadwinner. Their standards become so high, they're tipped with heat from the center of the sun.

    Or basically a guy is looking for = (Someone "good enough to earn me").

    So until I know that she isn't going to sit back and say "I'm a millionaire, now top that!" or "Ugh, you only have a Bachelor's degree? You're not good enough for a Ph.D like myself." then I'll certainly be intimidated. The moment she shows a bit of humility is the moment all the intimidation disappears.

    -Having a lot of guy friends can be intimidating, too. "Those are all great guys she's surrounded by, and she isn't even dating THEM. Why would some random guy she doesn't know as well even have a shot?"

    Of course, it can also be a sigh of relief. "Look at all her guy friends. She seems to understand and like how guys act, rather than condemn them and think they're immature gorillas." <This is basically the definition of my sister.

    -Macho girls are super-intimidating. You know they aren't going to take you seriously if they can beat you up. Again "marrying up".

    -A gun pointed at my head is also intimidating. The reason being, is that I'm a homo-sapien. And through our evolutionary history, we dont' like being killed. Guns kill. thus, a gun to my head is intimidating.


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  • this might sound cheesy but I can be intimated by beauty. it doesn't happen as often as when I was like 13 but every now and than I would see a girl who's so beautiful I'm intimated by her.


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