How do I become good at math?

I wanna start all over, learn everything, from basics to advanced calculus.


Also, if any of you started out hating math and then became excellent in the field, please tell me about it! =)


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  • I started out hating math in High School. It seemed so...tedious. I took the minimum, Algebra 2.

    Once I got into college for engineering, I figured I would take more interest, and that I did. Calculus I suddenly became fascinating once I started focusing on absorbing the concepts, rather than preparing for the next test.

    And as I saw it, each level of math becomes easier once you take the next level of that field, so I declared a math minor to go above and beyond the requirements of engineering. I'm finishing up now with advanced differential equations.

    As for getting good at it, the priority is developing interest in the topic. So many people see it as a chore, and so it quickly becomes one. But if you look at is as, say, advanced sudoku, it becomes a bit of a game. Or you can look at it as a language that is used to describe logical arguments in shorthand. As a former Physics minor, and computer enthusiast, I see it as the programming language the universe runs on.

    But how is it taught in school? god. I would barely call that teaching. You can walk into a HS algebra class interested and walk out as though you just came out of a car accident. It's taught backwards.

    If you want to get good at math, you need to treat it as more of a hobby. If you want to treat it as a hobby, you probably need to find a hobby that uses it. In my case, it was Lego robotics, K'nex, Audio/Video tech, programming, and building electronics.

    If you want to get started (or "Re-Started") I totally recommend checking out Khan Academy:


    Here, the founder has posted tutorials for every math subject from addition to differential equations and linear algebra. And you can set up an account that organizes is as a game, where you do problems to earn points to level up to new fields.

    Honestly, if I hadn't discovered this AFTER taking these classes, I probably would have aced all my math classes. But alas, I struggle to keep up with homework. I'll ace every test, and get a C in the class because one out of 20 homework assignments are turned in.

    So again, the more you make a hobby out of it, the better.

    • Hi, thanks a million for your reply and link.

      I have recently become quite interested in mathematics, because, well, the universe interests me, and I understand you need some math knowledge, especially in physics (which I haven't had yet). But I do think the way it's being taught in school is horrendous too. We're only learning about yearly interests, and how to work in a bank, or other "society relevant" stuff.

      This is merely mindless calculations based on memory only. There are no fun

    • No problem solving and no creativity. Although I wanna learn the "real math" (if it's out there?) every time I go borrow a book and open it, it's all the same sh*t. "Peter drove 5 km, for half an hour..." etc.

      It really seems like I'm missing out on the real thing, if you know what I mean. Or what?

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  • That's not math. lol That level of material is kind of applied mathematics. Math kind of starts with proofs. Calculus and bellow is flat out equation memorization. You don't even really need to understand the concepts, just how to remember and apply the equations someone has given to you.

  • Know the satisfaction of getting the right answer and learn to like that feeling. Crave it almost. This helps getting over the hating it part a lot and will help even more when going through the grind of practice. Math is unique in the sense that there is only one right answer so take advantage of that.

  • I have a tutor 3x a week, It's helped me tremendously.

  • I'm awful at Maths and hated it as well lol. I got an E in GCSE Maths. E is one grade above a fail.

    I find that when you actually realize you need to know it and want to get better at it, it's easier. I've started learning the syllabus, which you can cover in a year if you do a couple of hours a weeks. I don't know what the American one would be like, but it would probably be quite similar. Look at the syllabus if there is one and cover everything. It might be easier to watch Youtube desmonstrations because you can pause and play.


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