Which reason is most likely the reason he's staying?

Cut short, I've been seeing this guy since may. However he's not made us exclusive yet. He has trust issues from his previous girlfriend. We don't have sex (I've told him I won't outside of a relationship).. But we have made out (over clothes) and stuff... Why do you think he's staying? Can't seem to make up my mind, so just pick whichever you think seems right ..

Oh and we're both Virgins :) he's 22, I'm 19

If you also have explanations to your choice or think of a different reason, please let me know. And also, I know you can't exactly guess why he's still staying, but any thoughts/suggestions would be great :)

Thank you

  • He's after sex or sexual benefits.. He's staying in hopes that he'll receive sex eventually
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  • He's still afraid of relationships (but after nearly 6 months of seeing each other?)
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  • He's waiting around to see how far it could go with me..
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  • He's just passing his time and using me - if he hasn't made me his girlfriend after 5 months, he never will
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  • It's not your responsibility to carry this guy like a baby in your arms until he's all grown up and over his past "relationship injuries."

    And being in a relationship with you isn't necessarily going to help him get himself right.

    Cut him loose. He'll either get his act together and confess his true love for you, or he'll go away sulking like a child. Either way you deserve to be in a fun/happy/committed relationship if that's what you want! You don't deserver to play councillor while he hums and haws.

    Don't be his crutch.

    Don't sit around waiting like a kept women.

    Have a life. Take responsibility for YOUR needs and desires.

    Don't wait hoping he'll finally CHOOSE you. That's sad and will do two horrible things.. it'll slowly erode your own self esteem and pride ... AND it's grow resentment in your heart, which kills all relationships.

    Don't resent him, let him go.

    He's NOT going to figure things out with your coddling him, he needs to be alone to heal his past hurts. You can't waste more time nursing his feelings, hoping he'll suddenly trust and love you. That's kinda pathetic, right?

    Force the issues because mature adult people TALK about what they want and need from their relationships. If that scares him away then you've saved yourself from restless nights wondering AND you've saved time wasted on a child.

    Move on, you deserve to be with someone as excited to be with you as you are to be with them.

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

  • How about you ask him yourself?

    It is really a bad idea to ask a question like that here because some of us might give you misleading advices.

    Trust me I am a communication major, there is interpretation and perceiving. But if you want to find the real answer, ask him yourself.


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