What do you think of Joe Biden's rude debate performance?

I thought that Joe Biden was rude ,bitter ,discourteous and very immature at the debate .He was constantly grimacing,smirking and interrupting, while Paul Ryan was courteous throughout the whole debate.I wasn't expecting such disgusting behavior !Does this desperate ,rude debate performance by Joe Biden indicate that Obama will lose the election?
The utter failure of the Obama state , to protect diplomatic facilities in Libya, where the U.S. Ambassador & three other Americans were killed is of an utmost surety the outcome of a detached, incompetent (0bama state department, directly involved and to blame. Surely Obama & Biden were fully responsible. Could mental dyspepsia, be the cause for this incompetence.


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  • You are spinning this way out of control. Interrupting? Yeah that's rude. But if he wants to make stupid faces and laugh out of context it's up to Paul Ryan to make him look like a fool.

    No, this doesn't indicate the winner of the election.

    The next two debates MIGHT. The money changers sure did a good job turning this debacle into must-see TV. But right now it's looking like "Obama Lover" Nation is clinging onto their true love, and nothing could bring them apart. They happen to outnumber everyone else so it's Obama's election to lose.


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  • It was a political debate at primetime. Not afternoon tea time.

    Biden did fine getting his points across.

    Ryan did as well but his inexperienced showed at important times.

    btw, I am not politically affiliated. Both sides of the pulpit have their share of issues.

  • I didn't focus so much on their style but their content, with how America is now people should not make Joe biden's mannerisms the focus of the debate

  • Biden was rude for interrupting yes but he probably felt disrespected by Ryan's blatant lack of knowledge of the facts. You've gotta speak up if someone is insulting your intelligence.

  • I personally love it and don't think he should apologize for laughing at lies that are being repeated over and over again ;)

    Using myself as an example to show that who you agree with in the first place alters your perception of what is "rude" and what isn't.

  • There are few ways to gracefully deal with liars and people exclusively speaking in fallacies.

    • Deceit with an utmost surety describe Obama & Biden. Think! ,Libya,benghali ! "on an issue of this importance, nothing short of full and complete candor is acceptable" Biden, say's I didn't know, its his business to know, people lost their life ! The U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans were killed due to the detached, incompetent obama's state department.

    • I'm referring more to the blatant lies that were told, and the complete unwillingness to approach anything Ryan was actually asked. I'm not a fan of either guy, really, I just don't think that the smiles Biden was giving were due to any more immaturity than Ryan was displaying at the same time.

  • What I think is that I don't want some polite lying prick having his way with the country.

  • The laughing was a bit immature but otherwise he did a great job. Ryan did not say anything regarding his plans for the economy and every time he was asked that question he would ignore it.

    • link

      fun clip for everyone to watch about the debate

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