Ex sent a text - please explain?

My ex sent me a thank you for everything text saying that he that we would grown old together

does that mean a good bye forever? X


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  • It is probably what he means at the moment, but whether he means that for good or not or is just having a tough day I do not know.

    I think you should call him and find out. If you want it to work, you may have to take a little risk.

    • He took the last of his stuff today. I tried to ring but thinks he's already out

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    • Its my ex boyfriend. We have been broken up a month. He wudnt take his stuff and because I didn't want it here I made him take it.

    • The text was an I want you bk text but I will contiue to text other girls. Glad I checked hip phone now just wish I did b4 we had a full day of happy familys with our kids to. Because now he's had to go a again. Can't stand players and what makes it worse is that he didn't even care enuf abot his kids

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