What is your vote based on?

Basically what is your concern?

I know some people's is health care, economy, etc.

Mine is education because I am in college so whoever is willing to help me I am voting for.

What's the basis of your vote?


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  • I am voting based on economy and who I believe will make it the best.

  • 1) I know that Obama inherited the largest budget deficit ever, BUT, he has had ample time to fix it and promised he would do so even stating that unemployment would be below 8%. It's not.

    2) He promised to cut the deficit in half, and instead adds a trillion a year and has spent $5.2 trillion in almost 4 years.

    3) Obama Care is financially a horrible decision. I was in full favor of universal health care if it can be affordable I have reviewed Romney's plan that was implemented in Massachusetts and it is the same treatment, at not nearly the cost.

    4) Obama's representation of himself in that debate. He basically gave up. Romney didn't bully him and only spoke in fact and with statistics. This really killed Obama's credibility.

    5) Watching Joe Biden act like someone who escaped from an insane asylum basically did it in. This is the #2 guy in the country who takes over in the event of a tragedy? Biden was sequestered for six weeks to prepare for this debate. He acted like an immature, rude, arrogant man. Ryan is 27 years his junior and acted like more of an adult than Biden.

    As an Obama voter in 2008, I will say that he does not have my vote in 2012.

    • Also how the Obama Administration handled the attacks in Libya. They knew that it was a terrorist attack, I mean it was 9/11 and not some random day. They had Jay Carney up there tripping over himself and lying. Then blamed the attack on a video? Half the world was protesting against America and burning flags. Bin Laden is dead, so what. These people don't go away. If you kill a leader, there are many more behind them to take their place. I am fearful there will be another attack here in the US.

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    • You asked a question? I answered.

    • Okay :)

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