Anyone with a good acquaintance on PC Compuer components?

This is a quite different question beside the rest.. But I just don't know where else to turn to with it..

I'd like to buy a better processor for my PC

and I just found a used one on the internet:

"Intel Core i7 980 X EXTREME 3,33GHZ"

The guy tells that he has the "old" guaranty, with the box included, and the voucher.

If I end up buying it, what should I look for?

Where should I be careful?
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Sorry! The price is: $600


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  • You didn't give a price, condition he says it's in, or anything like that.

    Firstly you should know that his processor has probavly been beat to sh*t. Nobody gets a gaming processor to use for light work. It's probably been over clocked and run under heavy loads from the moment he took it out of the box. Very risky buying it used because even if he's got a warranty, changing it in any way that doesn't involve simple settings voids the warranty (ie, overclocking).

    You'd be much safer to buy new. You will guarantee that it's not jacked up and you can research if your motherboard supports it in the first place.

    My vote is stay away from it.


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  • Processors aren't something you should buy used... As the others have stated, there's the chance that he's overclocked it and fried it to hell.

    "Old guarantee"--does that mean warranty? If it's out of warranty, it's usually not a big deal, but you're still better off buying new than drop $600 on a proc that you can't get an RMA for.

  • you're getting ripped off. you can get this i7 3.6ghz for $300. link

    I don't know if it'll fit your socket set but shop around. My brand new i7 processor cost about $300 a year ago. $600 is a total rip.

  • Are you sure it fits your motherboard's chip set? When ever I think used processor, I'm thinking it was overclocked and used a lot and is now being resold. I never buy used processors I generally just buy the lowest run in a processor series and overclock it up to the speed they would set it at in more expensive distributions of the same processor. You might consider just overclocking what you already have.


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