Why do we find the average(mean) size of an American male/female and not the median or mode size?

I am a male so I am going to focus on females here. This question can be replicated the exact same way with men!

The average American women size seems to be somewhere between size 12 and 14.

Now, these sizes seems very big and I don't even really know many people that size or larger. The reason? Maybe I don't have a certain social group...

OR...those who study or understand some statistics know that a few extreme answers can skew the results of the average(mean).

This is EXACTLY why we discuss the median American salary and not the mean. If the median is 27 thousand dollars, the mean may be 45 thousand dollars ONLY because the wealthiest people skew the results so far.

*Millionaires skew the salary too high as morbidly obese people skew the weight too high*

I believe this same thing happens with weight. If the mean female size is 12-14, I am willing to be the median(more appropriate statistically) will be around 6-8




For anyone that talks about how women used to be sexier and bigger, around the size of Marilyn monroe, please read the story below.



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  • Well do you know how they got those number. A lot of people say average when they mean median. Maybe they acutally took the median.

    Dress sizes are such an inaccurate science anyways. I have clothes in size 0, size 6 and everything in between.

    Also I'm pretty sure median dress size is 6 - 8. Look around you. Maybe it would be around 8 .- 10 for young women. And I would think 12 - 14 is pretty accurate for women of all age groups

  • Eh. You have a social group filled with smaller women, I'd say.

    Most women I know fall somewhere between the sizes 10 and 16.

    Myself, I'm between sizes, with 14 being too big (in most cases) and 12 being too tight (this is more about personal preferences, than my ability to zip up a pair of pants).

    I'm far from the usual preference, I know, but I'm not huge, either. I'm tall, with a big bust and wide hips, 'tis how I'm built.


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