7th monthly anniversary and now he is disabled...

So my boyfriend and I are going to be together this Monday and Tuesday, since Tuesday is our 7th month together.

We just have a little thing in the way, this Friday he broke his wrist, he has many scratches, a hole in his head (not big) and he has overstretched a muscle as well in his other arm.

So the things we can do are not many.

So far we've talked about watching a movie, walking outside and collecting chestnuts.

Any other ideas we can be doing? Something that won't cause him any pain, thank you! :)


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  • You've been together 7 months.

    by definition, that's not an anniversary.

    Because it isn't an "anni" anything.

    That's a septamenstruversary

    Sit the f*ck down.

  • Make food together :) And have a surprise for him... something he really likes that you already made. I have a girl roommate now and for her 6 month with her boyfriend a week ago, they made food together, and she bought two dilly bars from DQ before he came over as a surprise.

    • Sounds very good, although.. I can't cook D:

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    • Get whoever is in your house to leave for a bit haha. But if you have to leave the house, go for a drive somewhere like a lake or river and go for a walk. Find somewhere comfy/secluded to sit and just talk! Maybe bring a lunch with that you guys made together :P even just make a couple sandwiches..

    • Sounds awesome and amazing... but none of us have a drivers license :/ And it's really cold, so I don't know if we should be outside for too long :/

      - But I'll use it when it gets warmer for sure! :D

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