Difference between the cold and flu?

When I think of the flu, I think of awful symptoms like food poisoning- so achey that you can't get comfortable, really horrible temperature etc.

But I just read that the difference between a cold and the flu is that with the flu you get achey.

Well, I've had a mild sore throat (mild as in it didn't hurt to swallow) and have been feeling mildly achey (just as if I've been doing more physical work than usual). My neck glands are sore, but only when pressed. Could this be mild flu then? Is that even possible?

FYI, I'm not worried. Just curious lol.


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  • The cold is when your body overreacts to the weak cold virus. Nothing to worry about.

    The flu is LIFE THREATENING sometimes. Chances are you've just got the cold. The symptoms described sounds so.


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  • Why is this in sexuality? hahaha

    Well a cold can be irritating but not life threatening and goes away after 2-3 days, faster with cold medicine . The flu can linger around longer and consist of body aches like you said or even vomiting, the flu is triggered by a virus and could be horrible if you don't take any medicines to combat the virus or get it under control.

    • Haha. I put it in health. Sometimes things get put into sexuality even if you choose another category :D

      Than you for your answer!

  • sounds like a cold.

    i'm no expert but I've never heard of "mild flu" to me if you have to ask yourself whether you have the flu, then you probably don't. it's one of those things, you'll be in no doubt when it hits you.

  • Influenza is the deadliest disease in history. More people died in the 1911 influenza epidemic alone than from Bubonic Plague.

  • To put it (very) shortly:

    The flu = Throwing up, constant nausea.

    A cold = Stuffy nose, sore throat, body aches.


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