Why won't he get the point?

I'll make this short,I was hooking up with a guy for 3yrs nothing real serious. I got tired of his bs lie always running back to him and being there when he wanted>.< I stopped talking to him cold turkey about 8days ago,I decline his calls,ignore his texts but he keeps trying to make contact. Why doesn't he get the point,he's a player so why can't he just leave me alone?


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  • You kept on going back before, so he probably thinks you'll keep going back again. You did this for three years? Ouch.

    • Yeah 3long years >.<,not something I'm proud of he's like 9 years older than me so I'm sure its a game to him.

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    • Not if he still thinks he has a chance. It doesn't take much effort to send a text message. Give it time and don't respond. As long as you keep replying, you'll give him a chance to think he's going to get to you. Keep the radio silence.

    • Ohh yes I'm sure his mind is f***in* with him lol,he keeps saying how he needs to talk to me and for me to call him back>.<poor guy doesn't take rejection good! I also don't see why he thinks he would have a chance he has other girls trust me I've seen it on his phone,he doesn't care its just bothering him as to why I haven't texted or called back when I always do.

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