Gun control laws, crime control laws?

all meant to control the masses. and over the years these laws have been increased, enforced, restated, ect.

but there hasn't been a record Breaking increase in these areas. but what HAS increased is cases of POLICE brutality. but not one politician has stepped up to propose any law to restrain law enforcement from crossing the moral and ethical lines.

why is that?


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  • What exactly has gun control laws got to do with increase in police brutality?

    I live in the UK which has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world and police brutality is a rare occurrence.

    • lucky you, I'd rather have a gun to protect myself from an out of control cop on a power trip, who abuses his authority.

      fyi, the police are out of control in America

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    • ok, you clearly are not informed of what constitutes police brutality, and not reading the news in America. can I talk to a fellow American please, or at least someone who reads the news?

    • What a silly reaction.

  • Yes, I do completely agree with you and many would call us nuts!

    Look up Dr. Katherine Albrecht. (The RFID chip lady).

    It is also Biblical everything that is happening, read Revelation.

    It will come down to the New/One World Order.


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