What do you girls honestly think of us Asian guys?

just a question I want to ask you girls. cause I live in Sweden and I rarely see an Asian guy in any country with a girlfriend that's not Asian... do you other girls really don't like us ?


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  • /i would date a man of Asian descent...i don't know about other girls. There are closed minded people and open minded people. but as you should know already some people are use to the idea of dating there own race...and may also think this is how every other race may think also...

    just like black girls ask if white guys are into them; really it becomes preference and what your attracted too but every race is or can become attracted to someone of a different race. but of course there is that fear that you will be rejected by someone that is not of your own race...

    if you engage and make it known that you are interested in another race...whether by talking, hanging out, flirting...etc. communication goes along way.

    anyways yeah I can be attracted...

    Good luck



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  • I'm white and I would go out with an Asian guy if he was my type. I don't have a racial preference at all.

    I think most people are still more comfortable dating within their race, although interracial dating is becoming more and more common. If you want to date someone who's not Asian, you just have to find a girl who's more open to it and not particular about race.

  • Statistically, Asian men and black women are the least likely to date interracially and are the least desired.

    With black women, you have a lot who refuse to date outside their race and overall they are less physically desirable

    With Asian men, they're seen as less masculine than white and black men and usually don't appear too eager or open to date interracially, although the women are usually desperate to date white guys. The height(usually short), the stereotype(small pecker) and effeminate ways

    I find a lot of Asian guys attractive...but I rarely mingle with any so it's unlikely I'd date one(although I'm not white) so yeah

  • There are attractive Asian guys but it's hard to see them as masculine sometimes. Only dated one and he was a major sweetheart and actually fell in love with another Asian guy. It just depends on the person and if they are willing to try new things and open up. Usually Asian guys well at least the ones I've seen or known will generally date white or Asian girls.

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