My mom last week happened to get my phone and saw the texts and misinterpreted EVERYTHING and now I'm grounded.

Ok so about 2 weeks ago a close guy friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to a party, and I was like yeah cool, when, where, the whole shabang since I had nothing better to do..So I tell my mom, she's cool with it. I get ready, he lives about 2 hrs away from where I live so, I leave. On my way there, he texts me and says something to the extent: "Caution: only a little bit up people showed (I guess people flaked) there's 4 guys. Instantly I got a knot in my stomach because I was going to be the only girl there, imagining it'd be super awkward. Especially finding out until last minute. I was pretty pissed. And, I couldn't go home since I was practically there and it was 12 at midnight. Come to find out, I knew all but one guy there, because I had met the other guys at school so it was pretty chill. It was more of a kickback then party, seeing that there were only 5 of us total ha. Anywho we watched tv, and watched about 2 movies and talked. Everything was cool. When we watched the movie though, one of the guys, my close friends friend, said I could sit on his bed, I did and so did he, so during the movie I laid down. He was beside me and he kept hovering over me because his dresser was right near I was and he had the remote there and he kept grabbing it multiple times to turn the volume up or to get his phone. He was REALLY close to me. I kept noticing he kept getting closer to me during the night. He also tried laying his head on my shoulder, I didn't mind. That was that. Later through the day we were talking and I had playfully pushed the guy in the chest (the phone whom I slept in the bed with) ha just realized that sounds wrong..anywho I pushed him in the chest and then he thought it was cool to touch my boob since I touched his chest. In my mind I was pretty mad at the fact that he did that, but in honesty I didn't really make a big deal out of it, I just laughed it off. I was mad, but I wasn't mad, it was weird. Anyway, I ended up texting a few friends the situation making a big deal out of the whole situation (BIG MISTAKE) mom last week happened to get my phone and saw the texts and misinterpreted EVERYTHING and now I'm grounded. I don't know how long for but this is the second week. She said that they probably think I'm a"whore" now, that I shouldn't have gone with me being the only girl yada yada yada, she also thinks I've had SEX! She can't trust me...she also said I made it sound like I was going to a girlfriends house when I told her. I don't know what to doo?! I don't think I did anything wrong..


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  • Yeah, I would say that there's really nothing that you can do about what happened now. But that the next time you text someone about something you know your mom wouldn't be too happy with.. delete the texts. In fact, you should probably get into the habit of deleting all of your conversations after you're done with them.. That will save you A LOT of drama in the end, trust me!


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  • This is why I thank the genius who decided to put codes on iPhones so people can't snoop around. He touched your boob, which he shouldn't have but that really shouldn't be an issue if you're 15 or more

    • Well actually I've tried the whole code thing and my mom doesn't want me to have one :p basically I have no privacy.

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    • Some parents are like, my tip to you is just to delete the messages you don't want to be seen

    • Well yea, I guess that's if I ever get my phone back ha but thanks, will do. It's weird because every time I do delete my messages she doesn't check my phone but just my luck, when I don't she does.. Thanks

  • You didn't do anything wrong, you were just really silly. Been there, done that.

    Wait until you stop being grounded. Then watch your phone. And most of all, don't do anything that is uncofortable for you AND in the same time, something that can get you in trouble.


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