Make up newbie, please help!

I've never really been the sort of girl that was into wearing make up and dresses or skirts but I feel like I should do something different for a change so I've brought pretty much everything I need to put a "face" on. Problem is after I've put my moisturizer on and let it dry, then concealer and then I try to blend out the foundation and the concealer rubs away/out.

I'm thinking maybe I'm using the wrong brush or too much pressure. Someone please help shed some light on what could be the problem and any tips that beginners should know. Thanks in advance! :)

P.s if it makes any difference I brought all the makeup from Coastal Scents and use Nude by nature brushes.


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  • Coastal Scents is really good so you made a good choice by buying them :)

    Over the years I've found that concealer can be tricky to apply. Even for people who wear makeup regularly. If I wear it, which I do sometimes because of my awful dark circles, I tend to put it on after a face primer and then again after I've applied my foundation and blend it into it. It takes practice to figure out what works for you, don't worry.

    If you buy a really good foundation then sometimes it acts as a concealer and you don't need to put both on. Face primers are especially good because it evens everything out on your face (bumps or marks) and makes the skin really matte in color and finish. They even work with concealers so I recommend you get one. MAC is good but expensive so I get Maybelline and it lasts a really long time.

    Good luck :3

    • Thank you, this was quite helpful :). I do all my make up orders online so I'm about to head over to the Mac website and have a look. I realized that I should of brought a primer instead of just using a regular oil free moisturizer to do the same job.

    • You're welcome and good luck with all your makeup :)

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